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carving circles into glass: an ocean soul

We come as the waves
moving in one swift motion
to overtake the shore
with the high tide
of high times
with flighted pride
under a black night sky.

An Ocean Soul, they said
so we carved circles into glass
making impressions to last
through night and day;
the trickster's moon
and the midnight sun.

Still we are carving,
circles to dictate our landings
circles to tell us of the past
circles to warn us of the present
circles that will never
the future
the future
only for
the sand.

We carve with blind eye
deaf ear and mute tongue
to speak the words no language could bear
the cross of Christ a relief
compared to
the burden

With the tide, we are off
An Ocean Soul again
to find a new beach
a new land
a new life
a new canvas
to carve with utmost care
our message
our lives
our existence--
to carve our circles
into glass.