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silk flowers iii

From silk to roses
I watched her open up
and greet the sun
with her resplendent bloom,
and saved
the seconds spent
in an hourglass
like grains of the purest sand.

The worm, now at home;
now at peace
sees the rose
for what she truly is -
he works his way
around her familiar
stopping at each
to admire the
and personality
they hold.
The worm sees beauty.

Ever resolute in her will
against the wind,
the rose must know
how she shelters
and protects
the worm. The worm is thankful.

The worm, a creature
of courser nature
comes to find
that the rose has it right.
The worm finds solace
in her warm,
white petals.

The worm in me
owes so much to
the nature of the
I turn and add
another grain
of sand to the
stopping to appreciate
the china doll
and the silk flower
she holds.