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I ask the impossible: love me forever.
Love me old, love me new
love me broken, love me true
love me now, love me later
love me like there is no tomorrow
and love me like there was never a yesterday.
Love me in this moment
and project this to be all moments--
love me for one eternal second
like you've never loved before.

Love me like the stars in the sky
look down to see you smile
and then radiate in their happiness.
Love me like the moon loves the sun
for allowing it to borrow its warmth.
Love me like the water loves the land,
caressing her in its waves.
Love me divine, if you love me mundane.

Love me when the going is tough,
when we fight, when we touch
when somehow seeing each other just isn't enough.
Love me when I'm criminalized
love me when I'm praised
love me in my failures as you love me in my triumphs
love me, love me, love me, love.

Love me as I know you do,
and I'll love you too,
because I know that the impossible
is well within
your grasp.