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dialogue (spelled with a lowercase 'd') is a social experiment in anonymous Socratic dialogues. Users are (ideally) supposed to visit the site, read the question that they are presented with, and craft a response to it in the form of another question. This question will then be posed to another user at some point in the future. Each question will be responded to once and only once, so it will only be seen by one user.

After a dialogue has run it's course (determined by a mysterious and surely magical process beyond human comprehension), it will be archived, and viewable by all in the archives.

An important thing to note is that all of this is anonymous. Since there is no login, and no tracking of users, this is a truly free space, in many regards. But with freedom comes the burden of responsibility, so choose your words carefully. There is no delete.

Dialogue has been turned off as of 24 Oct 2013 due to lack of activity.