CSC 366 - Computational Models of Cognitive Processes
Professor Craig Graci
Jacob Peck - email

Programming Assignments:
Hello Prolog!
Knowledge (English) | Knowledge (Prolog) | Demo (Prolog) | Demo (English)

Global Variables
Arithmetic Session Demo | Random Crypto Problem Demo | User's Guide

Crypto in Prolog: Random Problem Generation
Prolog code | Demos of Functionality | Ten random Crypto problems

Crypto in Prolog: Exhaustive Problem Solver for Given Problems
Combinatorial Set code | Combinatorial Set demo | xsolve234 code | xsolve234 demo | xsolve2345 code | xsolve2345 demo

Crypto in Prolog: Exhaustive Problem Solver for Random Problems
Prolog code (with assert/retract) | Demo (assert/retract version) | Prolog code | Demo

Crypto in Prolog: Heuristic Problem Solver for Random Problems (also Exam 2)
Prolog code | Demo

Thinking Assignments:
Crypto Assignment 1
Ten Questions

Exam 2
Exam 2 - parts 1 through 8 and part 10 | Exam 2 - part 9 | Exam 2 - all in one

Salient Sentence Blocks: Hofstadter
Chapter 4

One Last Assignment: video
Rives Tells a Story of Mixed Emoticons - TED Talk, Aspen 2008

HCI Remixed Assignment:
Chapter 6: Lieberman's "A Creative Programming Environment"
Prezi slideshow | One-page review

Tools: (released without any guaranee of fitness for an intended purpose, use at your own risk)

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